Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carnivals, Links, Nebulizers...

Increased time spent with my trusty nebulizer plus increased deadlines with a dash of extended family functions=what?

You guessed it, even more time with nebulizers, chest PT, and new meds. Oh, and it partially explains the lack of posts the past week or so, despite the ideas teeming around in my cluttered head.

However, I do have some links to quality reading to share. First off, it's the end of the month, which means the monthly Pain-Blog carnival is up at How to Cope with Pain. The best posts of each month are featured, and new bloggers are always welcome to contribute.

Also, I've written before about patient authority and the right to say "No" to procedures. (I've also left the hospital against medical advice before, but that's a whole other story, and turns out I was totally right to do so.) Most times, though, I do what I'm told even if I don't like it--because let's be serious, is there usually a lot of appeal to invasive or otherwise uncomfortable medical procedures?--if it's something my doctors and I feel will best give us the information we need to improve my health. Anyway, I mention all this because I came across an interesting Explainer piece on about patients' rights and consenting to medical procedures. Check it out if you have a minute.


Dreaming again said...

I'm having mixed feelings about this.

My mom, is exercising this right to her extreme detriment ...and the doctors don't see (although they are beginning to) her dementia issues.

This works ..when the patient understands what is going on.But when they think they 'only have ADHD' and are really not who they used to be, and don't understand, it doesnt' work.


I feel like I'm on a hamster wheel in this medical maze

Diane J Standiford said...

I agree with taking medical decisions into your own hands. I have an aunt-100 can't really see or hear and my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 80yrs old; my feeling is this: I discuss medical options and finally, unless they are hurting themselves or others, I let them go. They deserve that dignity. But I know them well, every family is different. It is important at some point to let them go, just as they once did to us. If your mom is totally out of it---get power of atty in order asap.

Lisa said...

I hate nebulizers, and I only have asthma so I'm sure you would trade with me any day!

Good for you on taking your health into your own hands! It's your body and you should have the final say! So many people don't even understand they can say no.

Unknown said...

What can I say about your writing but “wow” – you really know your subject and put your points across well.

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