Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Grace 2

Fridays feel like a good day to take stock—the grind of the week is behind me, the promise of the weekend and all I want to fit into it is just ahead. So, small things that have an impact today:

1. Posts that make you think. I’ve seen Glennon Melton’s post Don’t Carpe Diem all over the place lately, and I love the idea of Kairos moments. I am a fan of Momastery, and actually have my own post in response to another one of hers percolating.

2. CaringBridge. It’s awful when families and children go through serious illness and trauma. But it’s wonderful that CaringBridge exists and offers them a free, easy, reliable way to keep family and friends informed so they can focus on what’s most important: the patient. It’s been around for awhile but right now I know several families using it so it’s a good reminder.

3. My iPhone camera. We have a fairly nice camera that I wish I used more, but I have to say that having a quality camera built into my phone makes it so easy to capture little moments throughout the day I’d miss otherwise. I’m constantly snapping funny pictures of Baby Girl on the run.

4. The Daily Show. We don’t get a lot of downtime at the same time these days, so having one half-hour where we’re both in the same room and laughing at the same stuff is nice. And Jon Stewart during the campaign season? On fire.

5. Independent bookstores.The one near us is really supporting of local authors (thanks, Newtonville Books!), has an awesome children’s room, and is starting a drop-in playgroup for toddlers under 2. How cool is that? We’re definitely checking it out next week.

Have a nice weekend!

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