Friday, August 03, 2012


It’s been quiet around here, quieter than I’d planned but so much of this summer has not exactly gone according to plan, so I’m trying to roll with that.

Since we last spoke about Lyme disease and its co-infections, we’ve had weeks of renovations, moving, unpacking, some health crises, etc., but we’re finally getting settled.

There is a whole lot of “new”—new town, new house, new physical therapist, new job responsibilities, and more, right now.

But in spite of the long (hot) hours working on the house, the juggling, and the overall upheaval of the past couple months, it’s beginning to feel like home. My office is unpacked, and my desk overlooks a window with a stream of sunshine and a rather bucolic view. My daughter knows where all her toys and books belong, and loves her yard and her porch. “Hello, new house!” she exclaims when we pull into the neeighborhood. “Goodbye new house! Goodbye flowers and trees and water table!” she calls merrily when we leave.

And it feels like more than simply new; it feels like the beginning of something better. There is a lot say about that, and about getting a new physical therapist, and about juggling work and illness, and about parenting an almost-two-year-old, and so much other stuff.

(And I just got my copy edits on my manuscript back—I have an ISBN, people. This is getting real!)

Now that my physical space is sorted a bit, I’m finding my mental space is realigning too, and I can better focus on this virtual space. I’m working on a bunch of posts, and more long-term, working on a new look and feel.

For a long time, I’ve struggled to regain my rhythm. Life needed a reset button, and I think I found it.

Have a great weekend!


Never That Easy said...

How very exciting! I'm so glad you're at a better place, all around. (and an ISBN #? Totally exciting!)

Laurie said...

Thanks, NTE! Your support is always appreciated!

You and your family have been in my thoughts...

Audrey said...

HI! Emjoy your new space!!!! (Physical and otherwise!) Very exciting!!

Unknown said...

I love your blog.You should continue.
Anyways, I was wondering if it would be okay for you to link me to your blog.. I hope you'd consider...=)

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