Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Some Life Disrupted Literary Love…

It’s pre-pub time, when advance reader quotes and reviews for Life Disrupted start coming in and all of the sudden, the book that lived in my head and then in my laptop all these months is starting to feel real. To that end, the advance quotes that appear on and in the book are now available right here, so check them out!

I will also place them in a more permanent position on my sidebar. Stay tuned for lots of other good book stuff and links in the pipeline, and I promise the final cover image and pre-order links will be highlighted soon!

In other literary news, did you know April is National Poetry Month? Clearly you’re aware of how much I support writing as an expressive and valuable resource for patients, so I am happy to pass along that MyMigraineConnection.com is calling for submissions for its 2008 Putting Our Heads Together Poetry contest. If you’re inspired to help spread awareness of migraine disease and chronic headaches, check out the contest details here. The deadline is April 21, so start writing!

In keeping with the writing theme, check out this week's Grand Rounds, a compilation of the best writing in the medical blogosphere, hosted this week by Dr. Wes.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful book!! Congratulations - and thank you - for writing it.

Girl, Dislocated said...

Those are excellent quotes! I can't wait to read the book!

Oh, and in much more minor news, your blog got an "E" for "Excellent" award on my site :)

Anonymous said...

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