Thursday, September 13, 2012

Invisible Illness Week

This week is National Invisible Illness Awareness Week.

Normally, I write lengthier posts to discuss living with invisible illness, but this year I did something more interactive. Check out my virtual conference on Pregnancy, Parenting, and Chronic Illness, which is now archived so you can watch it anytime.

Definitely check out the other speakers, too, who covered topics ranging from employment, relationships, communication, and other issues related to balancing life with invisible illness. It's great to see some familiar faces and colleagues in the mix, and get to know other speakers and advocates, too.

Many thanks to Lisa Copen for her tireless advocacy for people with invisible and chronic illness.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hey, i read your blog but didn't put two and two together until after I saw your online conference which was great, gave me hope that I'll be able to have and look after kids.

Unknown said...

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Critical Illness Cover said...

[...] Yesterday I gave you an update on what Invisible Illness Week is all about. I thought I would share a few highlights over the next few days.

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