Monday, February 14, 2011

Food Allergy Love Stories...and a Giveaway!

So, remember when I talked about striving for balance just a few short weeks ago?


Turns out I was onto something with my apprehension, as having a baby, a full-time job, a book to write, and many other appointments, side projects, and health stuff has my head spinning and my alarm clock going off way, way too early.

While I figure out how to make this all work, allow me to resurface just in time to talk about fellow blogger and writer Sloane Miller’s forthcoming book, Allergic Girl. (You can check out her book trailer here, too.) In it, she shares practical, hands-on strategies for living a full life and managing food allergies and symptoms—from dating and dining out to work functions and travel.

In anticipation of the book’s upcoming release, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, Sloane asked some of us food allergy bloggers to think about and share positive food allergic/celiac disease love stories. What’s more, if you share your stories and experiences here, and leave your e-mail in the comments section, you will be eligible for a free copy of Allergic Girl.

Appropriately enough, one of my favorite gluten-free/celiac disease posts from a few years ago is called “Food is Love.” It tells the story of how my husband and I became a couple right after I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and how food played a role in bringing me closer to him and in bringing me back to myself. If you have a second, please click back and re-read it, and then share your positive food stories in the comments section here.

Not only will you have a shot at a free copy of a great book, but you’ll make Valentine’s Day a little more festive ‘round these parts.

This year, I’m navigating a gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free Valentine’s, so I am back to making adjustments and accommodations. But, if it means my little girl can continue to breastfeed without getting sick due to her allergies, then it’s totally worth it to me. I suppose that’s a positive food/love story of a different kind, isn’t it?

I’ll be back later this week, and the giveaway goes through February 18, so you have a few days.


Phoenix said...

I suspect I may have celiac disease &/or a problem with gluten. I definitely feel better when I cut down on grains. I haven't managed to totally eliminate them yet, but I'm learning more about this kind of diet, & appreciate your good resources.

Anonymous said...

Creating a peanut-free love zone:
My husband grew up on peanut butter and during lean financial years, lived on it. For 30+ years, peanut butter had been a way of life.
I, on the other hand, have a deadly allergy to peanuts (and to lesser degrees the other legumes). The smell of peanut butter cookies baking, touching a surface that has a speck of peanut butter or oil on, putting a piece of food to my lips with peanut flour all cause serious reactions.
I grew up in the pre-package labeling, peanut-free zones and factories era, so every day was a gamble.
Although it took 6 months after our first meeting to admit our love to each other (love at first sight, no less), my hubby stopped eating peanut butter the day after we were introduced and hasn't, in the almost 29 years that have followed, eaten peanuts in any way, shape or form.
And, he was the one who injected me with my epipen the one time that traces of peanut flour got past my lips(at a cartered affair where the caterers were aware of my and other attendees allergies), and a life-threatening reaction was beginning.
So, in our house, love isn't measured by flowers, heart-shaped pendants, or romantic cards; it's measured by the lack of peanut products!

kamagra said...

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