Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seven Random Things

Last week I was tagged by Dayna at A Bug's Life and Barbara K at In Sickness and In Health for the "7 Random Things" meme. I am getting to it a few days later and I am studiously ignoring my husband's little smirk that says "Only seven random/weird things? However will you narrow it down?" but I am getting to it nonetheless.

With no further delay, seven things you wouldn't necessarily know from reading this blog:

1. I once broke my finger when someone hit my hand with a balloon. Yes, a balloon. When I rock my bone density scans, I am the only one there under 80. Good times.

2. I have an amazing capacity for monotony--when writing my book, I listened to the same song on repeat. Six days a week for six months. I only changed it once for half of a song and when I did, I couldn't string a sentence together.

3. I spent a year studying at Trinity College, Dublin and while there, I went spelunking off the west coast of Ireland, near the Cliffs of Moher. See #1 on this list to understand why my relatively unscathed return from this trip was momentous.

4. I was a competitive figure skater (solo and precision team) for several years when I was in grammar school. Again, see #1 on this list and pretty much any random entry on this blog to see why that could never end well. I had heart, but my various plaster casts made for some lopsided spins and jumps.

5. I went to an all-girls' Catholic high school run by nuns. Instead of bells to signal the beginning/end of class, we had classical music. If you hadn't arrived at your next class by the last violin strain, you were in trouble. Looking back, this seems really weird to me, but at the time I thought that was how everyone did it.

6. My mother wanted me to be a Latin teacher when I grew up. I was kind of a Latin dork. I got perfect scores on the National Latin Exam and spent surreptitious weekends in May competing in the state Latin/mythology championships at the behest of the little nun who taught my high school Latin classes. My brothers forbade me from telling anyone this. I've forgotten a lot of what I knew then, but every now and then an arcane mythological reference comes to me or some Latin idiom crosses my mind and I realize I am still a dork.

7. I'm extremely competitive and I am a terrible loser. My husband and I have a running Scrabble competition--I am up 37 games to 32, but who’s counting? Whenever it looks like I am going to lose, he claims I suddenly get "really tired." Lame of me, I know.

According to the rules, I must now tag seven other bloggers:

Girl, Dislocated, because she is hilarious. And has broken waaaayyy more bones than me!

I'd Like to Buy a Bowel, because she is also really funny, and brings new meaning to toilet humor

Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good, because she is so creative and reflective

Sick Girl Speaks, because she is incredibly wise. (She also just published her own book and I had the pleasure of reading it!! Wonderful work, Tiffany!)

Sick Momma, because I think she'd have really interesting entries for her list of seven things

Fluent, because I think her arm is better and I'm hoping she's up for it!

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Here are the rules:
1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


Aviva said...

Well, gosh! Now I have to come up with 7 interesting, random facts. I love a good challenge! Thanks, Laurie!

Girl, Dislocated said...

I'm usually weird without realizing it, so I'll probably have a harder time deciding what's actually "weird/random" about me than I will narrowing it down!

I actually want to pick a song and try listening to it on repeat the next time I'm writing something to see if it makes a difference. What song did you listen to while you were writing the book? Can you still listen to it now, or was 6 months of listening to it your limit?

If not a mother... said...

I fell asleep to the same CD every night for about six months during the summer/fall of 1996. I could probably do the same now.

I'm impressed that you've kept track that far back on Scrabble games! We have weekends where we keep score on number of games won, but not much longer than that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laurie! Indeed, my wrist is better, and I am up for it!

Susan Palwick said...

Thanks for the tag, Laurie. I did one a lot like this last summer, so I've posted a link to that on my blog.

I appreciate the kind words!

Barbara Kivowitz said...

Love your list! It's good to get to know you.

San said...

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but balloons, they too can hurt me." You can actually say that. As to the Scrabble, one of my most satisfying memories is of pulling a victory out at the eleventh hour--there were one or two tiles left to draw---and I got an X or a Q and was able to place it in a triple-letter, triple-word space...sweet.

Lyrehca said...

Fascinating! What was the one song?

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