Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Carrie Bradshaw of Chronic Illness

So my apologies to those of you who've seen it or read it or follow Life Disrupted on Facebook, but I wanted to quickly post a link to a profile of me that appeared in Saturday's Boston Globe.

Apparently, I am the Carrie Bradshaw of chronic illness!?

Manolo Blahnik, where have you been all my life?

A real post, complete with action photos and musings on routines and why we need to break them to follow...


Cheryl Pollock Stober said...

Congratulations on the book Laurie! The review was great. Take care!

Cheryl Stober

Unknown said...

Hey Laurie, This Carrie Bradshaw thing is hilarious. I just wrote a post about it, and about your book, on my blog.

The "C" Chronicles said...

Congrats on the book & the article Laurie! I am so glad I found your book and your blog! The purchase of your book is at the TOP of my "to do" list, since I just learned of you yesterday! I cannot wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great writer- she found a way to grab people's attention with that line- and it worked! Wish I had thought of that approach...

Laurie said...

Thanks, everyone, for the enthusiasm and support!!

Never That Easy said...

Woo hoo! Of course, if we're going to meet in person, I should probably pick which of the remaining 4 I am... Choices, Choices. :)

I'm so excited about the reading, and LOVING the book! It is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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